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Crochet Podcasts and Vlogcasts

A while ago I promised a couple people a post about crochet podcasts. It's finally here. Sadly there aren't a lot of audio crochet podcasts. When I search for crochet on my podcast app (Stitcher), I come up with a fairly long list, but most are really knitting podcasts. There are, however, quite a number of crochet video podcasts also known as vlogcasts. I'll tell you a bit about my current favorites in both these categories. All of these also have Ravelry groups. Just search the Groups section of Ravelry by the podcast names. For visual interest I've interspersed a few photos from the recent Rose City Yarn Crawl. 

Let's start with eye candy. This is Photo Break #1. Wouldn't you just love to sit in this corner at Northwest Wools and crochet?

Audio Podcasts

I've been listening to audio podcasts for years. Unfortunately, some of the best crochet ones have disappeared. Creating a podcast on a regular basis is hard work and mostly unpaid for most of these podcasters. I can can understand why many of them eventually give it up. Here are a few that have stuck around. Most of these aren't crochet-only, but I find them all interesting. Note that although I get these on Stitcher, most should be available from iTunes or whatever podcast app you use. 

This is a crochet-only podcast. Brittany presents a variety of topics but often talks about topics of interest to crocheters who have a small business or would like to start one. That could be designing, teaching, selling hand made items or some other part of the crochet industry. I always find something of interest in her episodes even if the focus isn't something I want to do as a business. For example, she's had episodes on customizing the fit of crocheted sweaters, choosing the right yarn, reading stitch diagrams and finding a crochet community. I think any crocheter will find something of interest here. 

Skein Enable
I've been listening to this one for years in it's various incarnations. There used to be 2 hosts, but currently there's one. Jill is mostly a knitter but she does include some crochet. She also talks about books and films. Occasionally, she has a guest. The last one was an awesome crocheter.

Two Ewes Fiber Adventures
This podcast is hosted by long-time friends Marsha and Kelly. They are knitters, spinners, crocheters, weavers and dyers so there's all sorts of fiber fun. Plus, they're just amusing. You won't find crochet in every episode, but every episode is interesting. I've learned a lot from their expertise even a bit about bee keeping from Kelly who has some hives. They're interested in local, small farm, sustainably produced yarn. They also have a shop on their website where you can buy yarn that they've spun and dyed themselves. Their colors are beautiful. If you prefer to spin your own, they sell fiber as well.

Photo Break #2: Designer, teacher and author Laurinda Reddig at her trunk show at Fiber Rhythm Craft and Design.


Video podcasts, or vlogcasts have really grown in popularity. It's easy to see why they would be especially good for a topic like crochet. We want to SEE those projects and the yarn. All of these are found on YouTube. Many of them host crochet-alongs so there's always something fun to join.

Crochet Luna
Claudia (aka Crochet Luna) makes her home in Southern California. Her show is almost 100% crochet. She's also been doing a bit of dyeing and learning to sew project bags. I learned of several other vlogcasts from her recommendations. Claudia is a warm and charming host. She has an Etsy shop where she sells stitch markers and crochet-related enamel pins.

Hand Me Downz Crochet and Knit
This is one of the many crochet vlogcasts from Britain. Gerard is a former monk who only recently learned to crochet and knit. He's also taken up weaving and sewing and is learning to spin. He is one awesome crafter and always interesting. In addition to talking about crafting, you might hear a bit about other aspects of his life, and his cats Toby and Bunty might wander by.

The Cozy Cottage Crochet
Hannah comes to us from Florida. Her animated personality makes her really fun to watch. She always has great projects to show us. They can be anything from sweaters to amigurumi. Hannah has recently started designing and her first pattern, the Treasure Island Shawl, has been released. Go check it out!

The Crochet Circle Podcast
The Crochet Circle is another great British podcast. Fay is a crochet designer and also has an online shop called Knit It - Hook It - Craft It where she sells items related to crochet and knitting which are "environmentally thoughtful" as she puts it. She started a virtual "dye-along" on Instagram. Search for the hashtag #fridayisdyeday. She also hosts several crochet-alongs a year. I'm waving at you, Fay!

The Quoe Podcast
I don't know where Quayln gets his energy. When I was a college student, I sure didn't have time to crochet, design crochet items and podcast (not that such a thing existed then). In addition to crochet, Quayln chats about his favorite books. Check out this up and coming crochet designer from Texas. I love his most recent design, the La Vie Boheme shawl.

Zeens and Roger
Rosina vlogcasts (vlogs?) about her life as a crochet designer in England. I love watching how excited she is when she has a pattern in a magazine. I can only imagine how much fun that must be. If you like bright colors, you'll love Rosina's work. It's very cheerful.

Photo Break #3: Gorgeous yarn at Knit Purl.

There are lots more crochet vlogcasts, but these are my current favorites. I'll let you know about others as I find them. Thanks for stopping by!

Parting Photo Break: Mini skeins from Three Fates Yarn

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