Sunday, October 2, 2016

Granny Does Yoga

Back in August, I made a granny rectangle for Granny Square Day (August 15). 

Starting granny rectangles is a bit different from starting a granny square. Probably the most common way is to start with a chain for the length of your starting round. I don't care for the flimsiness of the chain so I started with a double crochet eyelet. I've seen this technique a variety of places, but I learned it in Marty Miller's Craftsy class Mastering Crochet Foundation Stitches. It's a great class, by the way, and covers all sorts of variations of foundation stitches and things you can do with them. For the eyelet foundation, chain 3 then dc into the 3rd chain from the hook. That's one eyelet. Repeat for your desired length. How long should that be? If you know what you want for your finished dimensions, subtract the short side measurement from the long side measurement. The result is how long to make your foundation. The first round of 3 dc clusters is made into the spaces of the eyelets.  

I liked my rectangle so I decided to continue working on it and use up some more leftover bits of yarn. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it until I hit on the idea of a bag for my yoga mat. I kept going on the rectangle until its short dimension was a bit larger than the circumference of my rolled up yoga mat. Then I seamed it into a tube. For the bottom of the bag, I made a granny circle.

I made a strap that resembles a granny rectangle using this tutorial from the FutureGirl blog.

It needed to be a bit longer so I added a few rounds of granny clusters to the top, and this was the result. All and all, not bad considering I had no plan. Plan?? Who needs a plan??

So, dig out your stash of little leftover balls of yarn. You know you have one. But don't be square. Try a granny rectangle!

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2016 


The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was last weekend. It was a gorgeous fall weekend if a bit on the warm side. I spent the weekend hanging out with my crochet guild buddies at the display our CGOA chapter - Always in Stitches put together. Many thanks to Karen for these 2 photos of the display.


I loved this felted octopus mobile that was entered in the felting category of the fiber crafts competition. There was also a great felted octopus hat.

There were 2 wonderful knitted blankets. One was adorned with many little sheep and has a matching pillow. Here's a section of it.

This fabulous blanket was made with the fiber of all the breeds whose names are knitted into it. It deservedly won the Diamond award - the best of the best.

There was the cutest little jackalope among the crochet entries. It was in a glass case and hard to photograph so this doesn't do it justice. It won grand prize in the crocheted toy category.

My shawl made from Laurinda Reddig's Robin's Wings pattern didn't do too badly either.


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