Saturday, September 12, 2015

Granny Stitch Project #1

Golden Granny Cardigan

I've finished the first project in my study of the granny stitch. I'm quite pleased with it. It's a casual, drapey sweater that's just what I need when the A/C in the office has been set to polar. The pattern is the Not Your Granny's Sweater #1 by Marty Miller. It was very easy to make and worked up really quickly. I used Knit Pick's Cotlin yarn. I had never used this yarn before. Although I found it a little rough on my hands, I was happy with it overall. It softened when I blocked sweater. I might make more versions of this sweater in different yarn like a wool blend for cooler weather. Any weight yarn would work since you can just work as many rounds of each square as you need for your size.

Colors: What a difference a name makes

The gold color of this yarn is called Creme Brulee. However, a friend saw me wearing the sweater and said, "That's Harvest Gold!" Yikes! The iconic '70s Harvest Gold! I did not do that on purpose. But I like it! Perhaps my next granny stitch project should be in Avocado Green. Um, maybe not. 

Speaking of my next project, I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I have an idea for a design of my own. Keep an eye on this space!

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  1. Creme Brulee is MUCH better than Harvest Gold! The kids bathroom in my house is its original 1974 harvest gold and it is UGLY. Your pretty sweater is most definitely NOT that color.


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