Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pretty Quick Flowers

I've procrastinated in starting a blog because I couldn't think of a good first topic. Well, fie on that! Time to close my eyes and jump! This is primarily a crochet blog so here's a quick crochet project that I just worked up. My crochet guild (Always In Stitches - a chapter of the Crochet Guild of America) is setting up a display in the local library in preparation for the Knit and Crochet Out in August. The theme of this year's display is crochet for the home. My crochet projects are decidedly lacking in home decor items so I needed something quick. I found this pattern for Sunflower Coasters by Little Mee Creations and went to work. These little beauties work up quickly. Trying different color combinations was a lot of fun and actually a bit addicting.This is a great use for leftover scraps of yarn.


  1. I love sunflowers! And congrats on the blog. I'm a follower now!

  2. Hey, Amy, I can comment now! I'll also follow you. I'm your sister
    after all. :> Love the sunflower coaster. You could square these off and
    use them to make afghan blocks. It would be really pretty. Maybe you
    could add some more ideas for using up small amounts of yarn?


    1. Thanks, Gina. Yes, I'll definitely look for more ideas for using up scraps.

  3. Great project, and welcome to Blogland! I think you'll find it's a pretty nice place. And you will make it even nicer. :)


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